2021 sbir week


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Getting Started with SBIR

New to the world of SBIR/STTR?  This panel will answer questions about how to get started, agency pre-requisites, required registrations, nuances between granting and contracting agencies, etc.

Moderator: Brittany Sickler, Senior Innovation Policy Advisor, SBIR/STTR, SBA

Manny Oliver, Director, SBIR/STTR Programs Office, DOE

Melinda Coffman, SBIR Program Coordinator, USDA

Susan Celis, Acting Director, Small Business and Technology Partnerships, OUSD SBIR

Inside the Head of an Evaluator

Panel discussion with Agency Program Managers on the most common and avoidable mistakes made by applicants, as well as candid insights for preparing more competitive proposals.

Moderator: Elden Hawkes, Partnership and Innovation Specialist, SBA

Scott Dockum, SBIR/STTR Phase I and II Workstream Lead, NASA

Stephanie Fertig, HHS Small Business Program Lead, NIH

James A. Sweeney III, Department of the Air Force (DAF) SBIR/STTR, Defense Focused Technologies (DFT) Program Manager

Panel: Happy Birthday SBIR: Seeding America’s Future

Moderators: Cynthia Yue, Intern, SBA and Cameron Bernier, Intern, SBA

John Williams, Director of Innovation and Technology, SBA

Jennifer Shieh, Chief Scientist and Senior Technology Policy Advisor, SBA

Brittany Sickler, Senior Innovation Policy Advisor, SBIR/STTR, SBA

Erick Page-Littleford, Senior Technology Policy Advisor, SBA

Panel: Phase II and Beyond

This panel will answer questions about agency nuances in moving from Phase I to Phase II and on to Phase III; what do companies that make successful transitions look like? What milestones do the agencies look for in each transition? How important are letters of support? What supplements are available? Do they make use of Technical and Business Assistance (TABA)?

Moderator: Erick Page-Littleford, Senior Technology Policy Advisor, SBA

Dr. Matthew P. Willis, Director for Army Prize Competitions & the Army Applied SBIR Program, DASA RT

Ben Schrag, Ph.D., Senior Program Director for SBIR/STTR, NSF

Dusty Lang, SBIR Management and Program Analyst, DHS

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Presenter: Elizabeth Dougherty, Eastern Regional Outreach Director, USPTO

Agency Roundtables: Department of Defense, DoD - Tuesday

Agency Roundtables: Department of Defense, DoD - Friday

Agency Roundtables: Department of Transportation, DOT

Agency Roundtables: U.S. Department of Energy, DOE

Agency Roundtables: National Institutes of Health, NIH

Agency Roundtables: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA

Agency Roundtables: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA

Agency Roundtables: National Science Foundation, NSF

Agency Roundtables: Department of Homeland Security, DHS